Activities and adventure – for real

Our location near the sea and nature offers many possibilities for a conference activity that takes place outdoors.

Many of our guests mix play and seriousness to get the most out of their time with us. Perhaps you want to be challenged on an exciting code hunt that requires both collaboration and cleverness, playing a course golf tournament after lunch or trying good cheeses and wines with our own expert.

Our RIB boat can take you out on exciting experiences on the sea or yet out to the island of Nidingen. You can glide quietly on a SUP board or simply just enjoy in the hot tub or sauna to later finish off with some billiard.

We have activities and adventures that are suitable for both the summer and winter months, most activities can be booked at short notice.

Please contact us for various suggestions.

Below you will find some of our activities

porpoises are often seen

During our RIB-tours we often see porpoises. Is there a herring or mackerel-shoal, they do not care about our boat.


Here you have a selection of our best activities if you appreciate fresh air and experiences

RIB Excursion

Give your group an experience with the sea and our beautiful nature as the elements when we take you out with our RIB to Sweden’s first lighthouse, Nidingen or a little shorter trip inside the Kungsbacka fjord. There are great opportunities to see both seals and porpoises.
The Nidingen, which is an annex to the hotel, has both a meeting room, food service and breathtaking views from the lighthouse tower.
We are allowed to take a maximum of 12 people in our RIB.
If it storms so we can not go out to Nidingen, it is usually enough with a trip in the archipelago in the protected Kungsbacka fjord.
Target price 6000 SEK and up for a group.
PASSAGE THROUGH THE FJORDSKÄR where 2 families lived in the 1890s



Glide quietly in a sea kayak or dare to try SUP paddling and experience the ancient man in you. For thousands of years man has stood on logs, etc. and paddled his way through the water, the foundation of today’s SUP paddling. Groups have the most fun on a BIG-SUP/8–men boards as you build together your team and should paddle in tact to be most effective and perhaps win over your opponent if you choose to have a small competition against the other BIG-SUP. Alternatively, we paddle only slowly and enjoy the sea and the views of the Kungsbacka fjord. The fjord is protected in most wind conditions.



Miniature Golf/Minigolf is a quiet activity that suits both the small group and the large. Our exciting course is located next to the main building and has 12 varying holes. The course record is 17 shots and to beat it requires a lot of good luck.
Miniature Golf Onsala Minigolf game Active

Golf is a big sport in Kungsbacka municipality that offers 7 courses, all of which are of high quality. The most famous is the Vallda Golf & Country Club which is ranked among the top 10 in Sweden. The closest course is otherwise nice Gräppås Golf club that has very nice practice areas. If you don´t have time to play 9 or 18 holes, maybe a practice session with a Pro is a good alternative.

Hole 8 at Vallda Golf & Country Club


With our licensed PT (personal trainer) or Yoga instructors you get to work through the body after a sedentary day and can after that enjoy even more of eg. The hot tub and dinner. You also sleep even more comfortably at night before the next business day starts with a large breakfast buffet.
Our 200 sqm large wooden deck behind the main building is the best place for the activity, alternatively we can move to a grove of trees.



Running/jogging is and remains one of the most satisfying forms of exercise for us human beings.
Our PT or running experts will take you on a pleasant training session near the hotel or out on one of the fine nature reserves.

Passed the oak groove on the way to the viewpoint on the Skallanäs with a view towards Malön and Nidingen


Walking or hiking can be carried out in most places, but we warmly recommend one of all nature reserves out on the Onsala Peninsula that Gottskär is located on. Here you can find everything from well-shaped cliffs and beaches to oak forests and moorland

View from the Mönster pilot lookout to the northwest


When your time or season is suitable for indoor activities, you can choose here.

Hot tub, sauna, pool table

Our new Annex Privateers Nest was completed in the autumn of 2016. It is connected with the main building via a large wooden deck and includes hot tub for 10 p, sauna for about 12 p, billiard room and relaxation rooms. In other words, you can be up to 30 people who all find their place and you always have the entire annex yourself without the involvement of other guests. If you combine with a fitness class on the wooden deck, it will be a cool mix of outdoor and indoor activities.


Even during the winter season we can arrange Yoga sessions in your conference room if you want this after a day where the head has been working out hard.


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089