A destination with many possibilities & focus on our guests

Since 2002, when the conference facility was opened, it has been run by us. We work tirelessly to ensure that all our guests have the best experience possible and feel really well cared for.
Now, when a young workforce is active in the ever increasing business, it means that the future feels bright.
The active owners and the dedicated staff ensure that you as a guest are always in focus with us, we are on our toes for you.

We love challenges and think it’s fun to help you with your wishes and maybe arrange a whole new type of event or conference. We are most of all a conference hotel but complete our range with activities and experiences on our island Nidingen, party and wedding arrangements in our restaurant as well as the latest addition to Privateers Nest with hot tub, sauna and relaxation room.

We who are on the toes for you

Annicka Pettersson:
Ever since 2002, she has been involved in the business and ensured that the hotel has evolved.
She makes sure that it is neat, clean and pleasant everywhere.
Passionate about the interior and worked hard to get the new restaurant to look amazing.

Amanda Pettersson:
One of Generation 2 that has grown into the business in an impressive way.
She happily responds to all your e-mails and phone calls.
Ensures that quotes are best for all parties, welcomes you in the lobby and suddenly
she pops up with your food and drink in the restaurant too.

Antonia Pettersson:
The younger of generation 2 who is inspired to do things Amanda doesn’t have time for.
Runs the fitness-class with you, serve you on Nidingen and is a great web-designer.
She is also our future Art Director.

Lars Pettersson:
Laid the foundation for the current Gottskär Hotel already 2002 when he started the conference facility.
Hotel Pro as he is, he makes sure that you get your hotel room and everything you wanted for your conference.
Passionate about good food and drink. Our CEO since 2018.

Stefan Pettersson:
The Hotel’S and RIB-boat’S skippers who gently take you out to Nidingen.
Gives you unforgettable experiences in the sea and nature.
Makes sure that the decorating dreams come true.


Agneta Sandgren:
Breakfast, service, housekeeping, plants etc.

Anna Simonsson:
Party and wedding coordinator, booking

Magdalena Glogowska:
Restaurant, bar, service, hotel

Kristoffer Caruso:
Chef, a real gourmet chef, also good at pastries

Frida Nordefjäll:
Reception, Reservations & Restaurant

Hot tub, sauna, billiard room and relaxation room with a large wooden deck outside make this a perfect party- or socializing-place

Privateers Nest

Hot Tub 10 p, sauna 12 p, billiard room and large wooden deck. Reserved exclusively for your group, alternatively there are drop-in days.
Privateers Nest


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089