Our houses on the Island – a time travel

The houses on Nidingen that were built 1832 and later have until 1979 only been for the lighthouse keepers staff and family. All the houses, were early landmarked, and are owned and administered by Staten Fastighetsverk.

Gottskär Hotel rents most of the area and has renovated the spaces for accommodation, meetings and social gathering. Tourists stay in the renovated rooms with well equipped kitchens. In two of the houses there is a night toilet. The Islands outhouse is the primary toilet, there is a shower available.

Accommodation is distributed on four houses and there are 22 beds in total.

More pictures can be found on the page BILDER/ GALLERY

Service house

The big red house, the service house, is where the meals are served for the groups/conferences that book all inclusive.

Since 2007 there is a desalination system in the basement that produces fresh water. There are also wells in reserve in case the system would stop temporarily.


House 2 / House 1832

  • 3 bedrooms, 8 beds
  • Kitchen with dining table (stove, oven, fridge, freezer, micro, coffee machine)
  • Night toilet
  • Central near Lighthouse and Hönshuset

House 3 / House 1854

  • 2 bedrooms, 4 beds
  • Kitchen with dining table (stove, oven, fridge, freeze compartment , micro, coffee machine)
  • Night toilet
  • Closest to the dock and the outhouse

House 4 / Storehouse (Förrådshuset)

  • 4 double room with private entrances
  • Small storage where you can find 2 barbecues for you to use
  • Close to lighthouse opposite to House 2

Bakers house (Bagarstugan)

  • 1 room with 2 beds, small kitchen and dining table
  • Fridge, stove and coffee machine
  • Shower room for our guests and bird station staff
Utsikt från nya fyrtornet på Nidingen där man ser några av Gottskär Hotells hus

The service house to the left. Houses 2 and 4 close to the Lighthouse, Hen house in the far side

House 3, Bagarstugan and the new Lighhouse

The Lighthouses

There are 3 lighthouses on the Island. The newest from 1945 is still operating and is run by Sjöfartsverket.

The other 2 old stone towers from 1834 became landmarked 1935 and were switched off in 1945.

Gottskär Hotell rents the Northeast tower:

  • May be used by our guests
  • Seating is available in the lantern for about 10 people with a small table in the middle.
  • There is a balcony just below the lantern (children must be accompanied by an adult)

From the balcony at Gottskär Hotel´s Lighthouse, facing Southwest

  • Robust wooden fittings with seating for 24 people
  • About 50 m North from the lighthouse with a partly sheltered grass plan
  • Extension cables can be drawn if in need of power
  • Included in our Weekend package.
Mysig lokal för fest och umgänge på Nidingen

The Henhouse on Nidingen


Keep in mind
  • Fresh water is normally available on the Island
  • Everything you bring with you to the Island must be brought back to mainland, food compost is available
  • Recycling station is close to Gottskärs harbour
  • Bring charcoal if you want to use the grill
  • Bring bed sheets and towels
  • Cleaning equipment is available and should be used
  • Take into consideration the bird station staff
  • Outhouse, mowing etc is managed by the staff
  • The inhabited part of the Island has bird protection between 1/4 – 15/7


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Telefon: 0300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Telefon: 0300-60089