RIB to Nidingen or other islands & ports

Laughter and cheering howls are heard over the sea when the “Rev-Venue”, our RIB, is cruising between the waves in the archipelago on the west coast. The days when Kattegat is calm, it is quieter in the boat and the guests tend to pick up their cameras instead.
Whatever the weather, the experience and impressions will be something you remember for a long time.

Trip to Nidingen or other islands

Nidingen will be open 1 June-31 August 2019.
Excursions to other islands and harbours are open from May to September.

Inquiries and Bookings: E-MAIL

Examples of excursions In addition to Nidingen:
Hike on three islands with lunch stop

Here you have the opportunity to discover the Swedish archipelago and three fantastic Islands around Onsala.
We step ashore on three different islands and also eat lunch on the cliffs.
Duration 3-4 hours, including lunch. Open May-September.

  • Malön – unique moraine island from the Ice Age. We discover huge areas of large pebbles and sandy beaches.
    We wade ashore or use a paddle board because Malön only have shallow beaches.
  • Inre Lön – we berth the island in the lagoon. We discover the smoothly shaped huge granite formations from the Ice Age.
  • Ramnö – the largest and highest island. We climb / hike to the top with the cairn 36 meters above sea level

Price, group of max 10 persons: 5800 SEK + 130 SEK / P for lunch

Tour of the Islands

Your group charter the boat and skipper for your own excursion, about 30-40 minutes boating is usually just right. Maximum of 12 persons.

  • Feel the thrill of the speed
  • We are peeking for porpoises
  • Passing narrow straits
  • Bathing from the boat is possible

Basic price: 4600 SEK

Transportation to Mönster

For those of you who rent the cottage of the SS Kaparen at Mönster there is the possibility of transport by boat there. By road there is a walk path about 1 km from the parking to the cottage Max 12 persons in the boat. The cottage has 10 beds. EXTERNAL LINK TO SS KAPAREN
Open for bookings May-September.

  • The boat trip is about 5 nautical miles
  • We pass beautiful archipelago
  • Choose if you want to have a boat trip both directions or only one direction.

Basic price: one way 3000 SEK / both ways 4800 SEK

Pickup in Kungsbacka

We pick you up at a bridge near Kungsbacka downtown close to the sport center. The trip goes out through the river and then we travel through the Kungsbacka fjord to your destination. Maximum 12 persons.

  • The transportation inside the river is slow, so consider the time needed when planning the excursion.
  • You get a nice view of all the villas etc. along Onsala Peninsulas east coast side

Price: please ask for quotation

Technical information about the boat
  • Brand: RING Powercraft
  • Length: 9.5 meters
  • Width: 3.05 meters
  • Motors: Suzuki 2 x 175 hp, 2015
  • Fuel, about 1 liter / passenger and 10 km Nidingen outward and back about 3 liters per person
  • Top Speed 45 knots (83 km/h)
  • Self-bailing
  • Rated for 4 meters high waves and wind 22 m/s
How is it to ride in a RIB

Rev-Venue, the name of our boat, has six seats up front and six further back, which means that you can choose what suits you. In windy conditions it is more movement up and down for those who sit at the front, while it can be really wet for us in the rear of the boat when the wind pushes the water towards us.
If the weather is calmer, there is no big difference between the front and the rear.
We always adapt the speed with regard to the guests´ convenience and the baggage on board.

It is extremely rare that you become seasick in a RIB because it does not “roll” between the waves.

Most of the season we use floatation suits because they provide both buoyancy aid and warmth. The days when the sea is warmer, the air warm and it is not too “wet”, we use automatic lifejackets from Baltic.

  • Any food is packed in hard cooler bags eg.
  • Clothes etc. in soft bags
  • Floatation suits are warm
  • Life Jackets are available for 40 kg and up
  • Good footwear and casual wear that can withstand water is recommended
  • Sunglasses are advisable to bring
  • Smaller children sitting in the same seat as an adult, <40kg bring their own life jacket
  • Children under 1 year are not counted in the maximum number of 12 passengers
RIB on the west coast – why?

We have chosen to use a RIB for our trips and excursions to Nidingen for safety and experience reasons.
RIB is an abbreviation of the English words Rigid Inflatable Boat ……. The rigid hull floats without the inflatable tubes, but the tubes provide extra buoyancy if the boat is filled with water plus they make the boat much more stable when there are big waves.

RIB skipper with experience of 11 years on RIB in the Kattegat. Experience the sea in a safe way with us at Gottskär Hotell


Stefan Pettersson
Born: 1965
Background: SAS-Pilot 1989-2004
Passionate bout Nidingen,
Nature, the sea and thrilled to show all
The natural phenomenon of the Lilleland reef.

Nidingen seen from above

Adventure Conference

We bring you out with our RIB to the Island where the houses, lighthouses and meeting rooms are waiting. We have packages both with and without service depending on what you prioritize for your particular conference or kick-off

Nidingen seen from above


Reported at 08:40 Date 2020-01-18

Outdoor temperature 6,2°C

Average wind 8,9 m/s

Max wind 13,0 m/s



Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089