Visit Nidingen – as it suits you

You have the opportunity to visit Nidingen in different ways with Gottskär Hotell. The island is open from June 1st until the end of August during 2019.
Throughout the season (outside the scheduled timetable),private groups are welcome to book their own group trip where we can take up to 12 people in our RIB (Rigid inflatable Boat).

Individual or small groups can book seats on the boat plus any accommodation by booking on the scheduled tours according to the timetable below.

Company groups find packages at CONFERENCE ON THE ISLAND

The boat trip to Nidingen

We have chosen to use a RIB because it is the safest boat if you want to visit Nidingen. The Island is in the middle of the Kattegat and it can sometimes be high waves which a RIB can handle without worries.
Read more about our boat and other exciting excursions in the archipelago we offer for your experiences RIB/ BOAT

How many can visit Nidingen?

Some want to visit the Island over the day while some want to take the chance to experience more and spend the night there. We have up to 20 beds on Nidingen spread out in four houses.
If you want to gather so many at once there is a long table for 24 people inside the Hen House that is included in the package tours.

Read about Nidingens unique history in external PDF: NIDINGENS HISTORY


2020-01-21 02:41:03

Wind: WSW 13,0 m/s
Wind gusts WSW 15,6 m/s
Outside temp.: 6,5°C
Air pressure: 1030,4 hPa



Sleeping on Nidingen

Private groups up to 20 p can book package tours with boat & lodging. (Max 12 p per boat-ride) We will together agree upon what time the boat will depart. The following are included:

  • RIB-transport, if more than 12 p there is an extra boat-ride.
  • House No 2 with well equipped kitchen and lodging for 8 p. One night is included in the basic price
  • Extra bedrooms in other houses if needed. 12 p/ beds are included in the basic price
  • The old lighthouse
  • The Hen House, place enough for 24 p to eat and socialize
  • Grills
Prices for groups


Basic price [wpml_nbsp]  up to 12 people and one night:

  • 14 400 SEK incl. VAT first day
  • Extra boat if unusually lot of baggage (very rare) – 4800 sek per group
  • Extra Night: 5000 sek

Groups larger than 12 persons, Max 20. (Children under 1 year do not count):

  • 14 400 SEK in base price
  • Extra RIB-trip: 4800 SEK per group
  • Accommodation 13:th guest and up: 500 SEK/person per night


  • Weekend package Comfortable including cleaning: 1200 SEK for 12 p,13-20 p:  100 sek / p
  • Barbecue package: 285 SEK/person (minimum 6 p)
  • Kayak or SUP: 250 SEK/day
Timetable & Prices Scheduled Tours

Package tour with boat and lodging 1250 SEK/person (children under 1 year free)
Extra nights 650 SEK/person per night

The boat’s departure times from Gottskär and Nidingen. Subject to changes due to weather, wind and booking status.

Week 29:  (15/7-)
Departure from Gottskär
Monday at 10.00
Tuesday, Wednesday at 12.30

Departure from Nidingen:
Tuesday, Wednesday at 11.30
Thursday at 2 pm

Week 30 and 31
departure from Gottskär:
Wednesday-Friday at 12.30

Departure from Nidingen
Thursday-Saturday at 11.30

Week 32:
Departure from Gottskär
Wednesday at 10.00
Thursday, Friday at 12.30

Departure from Nidingen:
Thursday-Saturday at 11.30



Private groups up to 12 p can book day trips to Nidingen. If you are more than 12 p we can make extra boattrips
We will together agree upon what time the boat will depart.

For individual or small groups, we recommend the scheduled tours you will find a little further down the page.

The following are included:

  • RIB-Transport
  • Time on the island about 2-3 hours in the base price, tends to be just right
  • The old lighthouse
  • The Hen House can be used for meal
  • The Skipper will gladly tell you about Nidingens history
  • We will make the route via Lilleland on the way home
Rates for Day trips

Basic price [ ] up to 12 people and about 2-3 hours on Nidingen:

  • Starting price 6600 SEK
  • Extra trip when more than 12 p: 4800 sek
  • Pick-up at nearby ports: 2000 sek


  • Kayak or SUP: 250 SEK/day (we have 4 kayaks and 1 SUP on the island)
  • Lunch box: Ask for quotation
Timetable & Price Scheduled day trips

Day Trip costs 600 SEK per person (children under 1 year travel for free)

The boat’s departure times from Gottskär and Nidingen. Subject to changes due to weather, wind and booking status.

Week 29: [ ] (15/7-)
Departure from Gottskär
Monday-Thursday at 10.00

Departure from Nidingen:
Monday-Thursday at 2.30 pm

Week 30, 31, 32 [
Departure from Gottskär
Wednesday-Saturday at 10.00

Departure from Nidingen
Wednesday-Saturday at 2.30 pm


Do you need to sleep at our hotel in Gottskär , see theHOTEL

Good to know

Before your visit to Nidingen:

  • We gather at Gottskär Hotell’s Café down in the harbour, about 20 minutes before departure
  • Delays can always occur in heavy winds and heavy rainfall
  • We have floating-overalls and hats for cold and windy days
  • Life Jackets on hot summer days, from 40 kg (smaller children bring their own)
  • Stow your food in hard refrigerated bags or boxes
  • Clothes etc. in soft bags or backpacks
  • Sunglasses are nice to bring
  • Good outdoor shoes
  • Avoid glass bottles

Please look at the pageHOUSES ON THE ISLAND

Cancellation Policy

The demand to visit Nidingen is high and the season is short. We therefore have the following cancellation policy:

Group Travel / Weekend Package:

  • Cancellation later than 4 weeks before the departure is charged with 65 % of the reservation value.
  • Cancellation later than 2 weeks before will be charged with 75 %

Scheduled tours according to schedule:

  • Cancellation later than 2 weeks will be charged at 75 % of the booking value

Please Note that if Gottskär Hotel takes the decision if it is not safe to go to Nidingen due to a big waves, you will of course be charged nothing. Sometimes it can be enough to adjust the time of day for outward or return journeys.
As a rule, we can go out in all winds below 13 m/s in average wind.
Our experience is that guests enjoy waves and the experience is even better.


2020-01-21 reported at 02:30
WSW 13,0 m/s
WSW 15,6 m/s
Temperature 6,5°C



Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089