Maritime weather report from Nidingen in the Kattegat

Wind, temp, air pressure etc – below you will find the latest report from Gottskär Hotell’s weather station on Nidingen. The webcam is placed on the loft in our service building and shows in normal position the new lighthouse on the right in the picture and the large jetty to the left. (The image is updated every 30 seconds and the clock is set to normal UTC +1 hr time)
In chart form, you can also read the last 2 days of observations.

To learn more about Nidingen and visit the island with Gottskär Hotel – NIDINGEN

Last 10 min Wind and Temp.


Average Wind:

Max wind:

Air Temperature:


Detailed observations


Average wind: Maximum wind:

Air Temperature:

Air pressure:


Precipitation Today:

Solar radiation:

Total Hours of sunshine:

Sun up: Sun down:

Lazy: Long:

Name celebrate today:

Day min & Max values

Last read:

Max average wind:

Max gust:

Minimum Temp:

Maximum Temp:

Minimum Atmospheric Pressure:

Maximum Atmospheric Pressure:

Webcam towards the jetty at Nidingen

The webcam on Nidingen is placed in the service building and is directed towards the jetty, you see the new lighthouse to the right
(winter time on webcam) We have had problems with receiving the picture since the power failure in November. We’re working on getting the picture back.

Chart for last 2 days:

Wind speed

Outdoor temperature

Air pressure

Solar radiation

The Sun is shining on Nidingen

Weather – Wind strength, gusts, temperature, air pressure on Nidingen in Kattegat, you get update every 10 minutes via the hotel’s weather station.
Sure, it rains sometimes but the sun shines unusually often right here. That It rains and is gray in Gothenburg or inside Kungsbacka means nothing – on Nidingen the weather is a lot dryer and more sunny. There is no stretch of coastline in all of Sweden where there is so much difference between the sea area and the mainland just a little bit inland. One example is that it rains 3-4 times as much 20 km inland compared to Nidingen on an annual basis.
Nidingen is usually at the top when we compare our hours of sunshine with SVT’s league in the summer months. Why gamble? Welcome to Sweden’s sunniest place.

Nidingen seen from above

Adventure Conference

We bring you out with our RIB to the Island where the houses, lighthouses and meeting rooms are waiting. We have packages both with and without service depending on what you prioritize for your particular conference or kick-off


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
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Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089