Restaurant – where the guest and the food are most important

Restaurant and bar is the hub of our new main building where everything from breakfast buffet to conference meal is served. We have designed it with our personal style so that you as a guest should feel at home at Gottskär Hotell. We in the restaurant and kitchen are on your toes, which means that you as a guest and the food are the main priorities
Through the windows in our restaurant you can look down between the Oaks right to the sea and the islands outside the Gottskär.
Eating in Onsala should be tasty, comfortable and satisfying for all senses.

Several sofa groups make the environment relaxed and along one wall there is a mood-elevating “electric” fireplace.

THE HOTEL restaurant operates during most of the year. When we have conference groups in the restaurant, you as a private person, of course, are also welcome to come for a good lunch, coffee or even enjoy the dinner menu that applies to the evening CONFERENCE

Our food

The Food is important with us and our chefs prepare all meals from the heart. They are accustomed to both allergy sufferers and special diets so just tell us before and we will arrange food for everyone’s wishes. We strive as far as possible to use as locally produced and environmentally friendly as possible without letting go of the quality. 
There will be alternatives that are both vegan, gluten-free, sustainable and healthy.


Buffet Breakfast is included in the price of all regular hotel and conference reservations. If you are staying in the Lodge (self-catering annex) or come from outside, you are welcome to have breakfast buffet for 150 SEK.
Our buffet has only Swedish food products and is very rich. Whichever diet you hold, you will find something that suits you. You will find both vegan and gluten free on one of the tables.

August 4-
Breakfast times depending on booking status we have in the house.

Closeup of muesli and addons


A regular day with conferences or other groups in the house is normally lunch from noon. 11.30. In the middle of the restaurant you will find the extensive buffet which is both a large salad and a warm part. There is normally one main course, but tell us if you want special diets. It can be either meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan. If you special needs, please let us know in good time before. Price for lunch “drop-in” is 125 SEK incl. coffee Coffee

Closeup of the big salad buffet

Lunch is a large buffet with both salad and main course.


Closeup of blackened tuna as a starter


Dinner with us is primarily 2-course or 3-course conference dinner during weekdays. It is then a set menu that is served the groups that are in the house. Individual Hotel guests and guests from outside are just like during breakfast and lunch welcome to enjoy even our dinners. The dinners are characterized by some finer ingredients prepared with love in our kitchen. Groups, such as family gatherings, golf-groups or others, are welcome to plan a dinner with us. It can be a simpler buffet or a real feast with several dishes.


Vår restaurang är öppen v 33-38
lunch vardagar kl 11.30-13.30
Kvällar mån-fre 17-21, lör kl 22 köket stänger kl 20
söndagar kl 11.30-13-30 för lunch
Bangolfen / minigolfen öppen kl. 10-22 (söndagar kl.10-18)




Ordinarie catering på fastlandet med minimun 15 personer levererar vi utan extra kostnad.
Nya menyer kommer i god tid innan vi öppnar 1 juni igen.


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Phone: +46300-60089