Experience the sea and the safety in our RIB

Laughter and shouts are heard over the ocean when our RIB ”Rev-Venue” crosses the waves on the more windy days. The days without wind the boat is quieter and the guests tend to pick up their cameras instead.

For safety and experience reasons we have chosen to use a RIB for our seafare to Nidingen. RIB is an abbreviation of the English words Rigid Inflatable Boat. The rigid bottom float even without the inflatable tubes, but these provide extra flow power if the boat is filled with water plus they make the boat very stable in the sea.

Rev-Venue has six seats at the front and six in the rear which allows you to choose what suits you the best. Up front, if it is windy, there’s more movement up and down, while in the rear, it can get really wet, as the water is pushed in by the wind. In calmer weather, there is no big difference between the front and the rear.

We always adjust the speed with regard to the guests’ convenience and luggage. Most of the season we use floating overalls which provide both floating help and heat. The days when the sea is warmer, the air is warm and not too much spray from the sea, we use life jackets instead.

Destinations for our RIB
Our annex Nidingen is, of course, the main destination for our boat.
RIB-charter to and from other places is also possible on request.
Usual destination are Gårda Brygga, Åsa, Tjolöholm Slott, Råö, Vendelsö, Bua.
Technical information
  • Manufacturer: RING Powercraft

  • Length: 9.5 meters

  • Width 3.05 meters

  • Engines: Suzuki 2 x 175 hp, 2015 model

  • Top speed 45 knots (83 km / h)

  • Self-draining

  • Classed for 4 meters wave height


Suggestions for your trip
  • Pack food preferably in hard bags / boxes
  • Avoid glass bottles

  • Clothes etc. in soft bags

  • The overalls are warm

  • Life vests are available for 40 kg and up

  • Sunglasses are advisable

  • Smaller children sit in the same seat as adults, < 40kg bring their own life vest

Alla har flitoveraller och bagaget ligger väderskyddet och fastspänt

Ready for departure

RIB förare med erfarenhet efter 11 års körning i Kattegatt. Upplev havet på ett säkert sätt med oss på Gottskär Hotell


Stefan Pettersson
Born: 1965
Background: SAS-pilot 1989-2004
Manages the Hotell since 2005.
Burns for Gottskär Hotell, the nature and to show everyone the natural phenomenon the Lilleland Reef.
According to our AD, he is the ”paddle man” in our logo.



Lisa Marika Nordlind
Born: 1977
Background: Everything within the hotel- and the adventure industry. Founded and managed AIM Challenge.

Lars, hotellets grundare och även extra skeppare


Lars Pettersson
Born: 1964
Background: Hotel and restaurant business since the 80’s. In 2002 he started what is today Gottskär Hotell.


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Telefon: 0300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Telefon: 0300-60089