A true experience at Sea

Activities at sea give you a special satisfaction and a feeling of going back to our origin.

The whole of Kungsbackafjorden outside of Gottskär and the wide open sea around our annex on the island opens up for many activities and experiences.

The fjord offers secluded/protected bays, beautiful archipelago, wide open areas and is less crowded than Bohuslän.

The sea around Nidingen offers vast views and the clear blue water gives you a feeling of being overseas.


A wonderful roundtrip in the fjord in our RIB boat, drop off at one of our islands to swim, hike or a ride all the way to Nidingen is a great start of your adventure.

Read below about our other great experiences.

Paddle around Nidingen

Our stable and manoeuvrable inflatable kayaks and SUP boards gives everyone a chance to experience the crystal blue Kattegatt sea. Here you can choose to paddle in the “lagoon” on the island where seals will follow you, specially between May and June, or paddle your way around the island and even all the way to Lillelandsfyren for a truly memorable experience. You may even see “tumlare” hunting for fish.

paddla SUP eller Kajak ute i Kattegatt vid Lillellandsfyren med Gottskär Hotell

Paddling all the way to Lilleland

Birdwatching on Nidingen

The bird station at Nidingen is Sweden’s third biggest, seen to the ring labels. This gives you the opportunity to see Sweden’s only nesting “Three toed seagulls” up close or any of the other hundred different species that passes and stays at the island, some even visit from south Africa or Syberia. The station is staffed by Gothenburg’s Ornithological Association from March until November which gives you the chance to a good guidance.

Inifrån fyrtornet på Gottskär Hotells annex kan man komma nära fåglarna


Paddle in the fjord

Paddling near Gottskär or out to the islands in the fjord is most often done in calm waters as it is only the winds from the south that brings out the waves. You can start to paddle from Gottskär but some find it faster to start from the bays in the southern side of the half island to get to Malön or Nidingen.
Kayaks and SUP boards are available to rent at Gottskärs harbour.

Yttre lön är en sv de sydligaste öarna i fjorden.

The islet Yttre Lön in the fiord

Kite & Windsurfing

Windsurfing has come alive again as the boards have become easier to handle. The newer sport Kitesurf has come to stay. Kitesurfers have found a hidden gem for their sport with eastern winds by the southern bay in Gottskär. Here it is shallow and plenty of grass to rig your equipment.

Surfskjulet in Gottskär offers courses and rental.

Kite- & wind-surfers in Steglaviken Gottskär

Sail in the fiord

Choose between a small sailing dinghie or up to a 50 feet sailboat with skippers onboard.

The fjord is protected but the vast open sea outside Gottskär is free for sailing, plenty of regattas are arranged here, thanks to the active sailing club SS Kaparen.



Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Telefon: 0300-60089


Landstormsvägen 31
439 93 Onsala
Telefon: 0300-60089